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The EPIC training system is designed to make a quicker, more powerful, and complete football player without sacrificing size for speed and over training athletes by doing redundant workouts that are already being done by strength and conditioning programs .

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EPIC 7 on 7 Tournament coming in 2015.

2015 Football Trends


1. The skill level is through the roof. Now kids don’t just workout with their football team. They do speed and agility training outside of their team with legitimate and qualified coaches. They are constantly working on their craft to get to the next level.

2. Football players have the ability for more eyes to see their highlight film. Youtube, Hudl, and the Internet has allowed college coaches to see a lot more players in a given geographical location than just 10 years ago.

3. The amount of kids that believe that they are owed a scholarship without putting in the work are at an all time high due to social media, TV, camps, money driven recruiting services, and unrealistic parents praising kids that are unproven.  This results in complacent football players.

4. Too many kids want to specialize in one position as if they are NFL players . The primary goal is to “be the best football player you can be. If you’re not starting, you should make it a goal to be a star on every special team.

5. During the offseason, there is a system that drastically helps enhance your chances of being seen. 95% of that system is called “hard work”. The other 5% can be argued til tomorrow. 

coach belloti and amari Off Season Football Training

My former coach at Oregon: Mike Bellotti.

The bottom line is if you do not put in the extra work, somebody else will, and one day you guys will meet. Most high school football players don’t do the extras. Or if they do, they are being very inefficient with their time. 

Here are just a few of the concepts we cover during our training:

  • Starts (Squared, staggered, lateral, backwards, situational)
  • Turns (outside, inside, centerfield)
  • Cuts (power cut, speed cut, inside foot, outside foot)
  • Sprint Mechanics (A skip, B Skip, form walk, form run)
  • Plyometrics (single and double response)
  • Olympic Lifts (PVC instruction, hang clean, clean, power clean)
  • Much much more.

I can go on and on about the amount of traditional and unconventional exercises we use with our football players here.




Call or text Jaiya Figueras direct at 562-292-1723


Come to the EPIC off season football training camp designed to compliment junior high and high school athletes.

We are not going to have your athletes do heavy squats, power cleans, and bench press when they’re already doing it in practice.

This camp is a cross train and a supplement to the athletic weight room.

All athletes under 18 must have parents fill out our release and waiver of liability before participating in our athletic training
Today’s athletes are agile, coordinated,and fast…very fast! Size is not the most important factor anymore.

The 6’4”,255 pound inside backer is slowly finding his way to the defensive end position.

Football coaches are adding 15 to 20 more pounds to him and making him a fast,agile,more coordinated defensive end.

The free safety is bulking up and becoming a fast linebacker and the whole secondary can play every single position in the defensive backfield. 

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7 on 7 team will be under way by January 2015.

The traditional strength program aims to build the body piece by piece.

How many times have you heard,“I’m going to workout chest today” or “Today I will workout my legs”.

This does not reflect the playing field.

When does a football player use one body part at a time?

We are fighting off a blockers,slipping on the ground,breaking our falls and struggling to keep our balance.

So often we see the end result of a successful football player and fail to realize all of the hard work it takes to get there.

We are helping young men get clear with their goals and arrive there when most others will not. 

The families that have come in so far have been able to see how unique and pivotal this program can be for their children.

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We start teaching basic lifts such as deadlifts and power cleans as early as 12 years old.


This program will be focused on the 5 components of being a complete football player.

1. Attitude

2. Recovery

3. Fuel

4. Movement

5. Coaching


1. Attitude:


The most important factor in our Performance Model for training athletes is Attitude. Our attitude shapes our perception and how we see the game.  As our confidence builds, the game slows down.

When we think positive in sports, opportunity opens up. We shrink the moment while others make it bigger than what it really is.

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Current Oregon Head Coach, Mark Helfrich and Defensive Coordinator Don Pellum.

These intangibles are what keeps an athlete coming back and practicing painful defeat.  These comebacks are what molds champions.

This is our goal.

We want to help student athletes build the characteristics of a champion.


2. Recovery:


There is no such thing as overtraining, only under recovery.

We aim to educate our student athletes in replenishing and resting their bodies with food, water, sleep, and “periodization” of workouts.

We aim to have our program reflect nature. Everyday is not hot and everyday is not cold.

Everywhere is not mountainous and everywhere is not flat.

Therefore, our workouts are not be so predictable and consistently intense.

Most of our athletes already train with their respective teams outside of EPIC.

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EPIC Athlete Jaylen Watson and Head Coach at USC Steve Sarkisian.

We will utilize movements that will cross train their current systems.

Many of our methods are unconventional and outside the box so they are hard to replicate in normal and traditional sport practices.



3. Fuel:


EPIC aims to educate its athletes on the fundamentals of nutrition. We teach the what macro nutrients are and what impact they have on practice and games.

Most athletes have a bad practice and most don’t understand why.

Sometimes they excel in a game and cant connect it to the fact that they were hydrated and had a great pre game meal.

Many times we say the same things that coaches are already adding confirmation and act as a support model for their current coaching staff.

We stress the basic analogy: A car cannot move without gasoline in the tank. And you can drive a Lamborghini on low octane fuel.  


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7 on 7 practice

4. Movement: 


Traditionally, when coaches want to get their athletes more powerful, they simply focus on the Strength segment of training while giving acceleration and mobility little to no attention.

An athlete can have the biggest muscles in the world but if they cannot maneuver in a small amount of space or accelerate out of a certain position, their power has limitations.

We aim to lions that have a combination of acceleration, mobility, and strength while most places just aim to build bulls that are strong linearly and weak laterally.

We train our athletes using the 5 Human Movements:


1. Push

Vertical Plane- Shoulder Presses
Horizontal Plane- Chest Press


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Sire Woods is starting both ways on Varsity at La Mirada as a sophomore.

Vertical Plane- Pull Ups
Horizontal Plane- Rows

3. Twist/Rotational

4. Up and Down

Knee Dominant- Squats, Lunges
Hip Dominant- Dead lifts

5. Locomotion

Linear- Improving stride length and stride frequency, acceleration

Multi-directional- balance, deceleration





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Freshman Lincoln Duran and Allen Green both got moved up to Varsity as freshman at Los Alamitos High School.

We are fighting off a blocker, being pulled down by a tackler, or decelerating as we stop and throw a batter out at first base.

This results in athletes battling against multiple forces from infinite angles.


5. Coaching: 

There has never been a successful person who didn’t have a mentor or a coach. When a person is stuck inside of the picture within a frame, its impossible for them to know what needs to fixed without standing away at a distance and looking. This is why a coach must be in place.

Coaches allow us to see what we cannot.

They come in the form of athletic coaches, pastors, teachers, psychologists, and other positions that are designed to improve the physical and mental performance of an individual.

When we train 100% by ourselves, we are limited by our own minds and its capabilities.

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Current USC Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox and Linebackers coach Peter Sirmon. Both are Oregon Duck alumni.

We want to help the parents just as much as we help the kids. 

If a kid has a desire to play at a high level whether it be high school or college,the parents need to be on board and know of all the proper steps to take so they don’t waste their child’s dream and talent.


Please call or “text” Jaiya Figueras at 562-292-1723 for

more information.

***All athletes under 18 must have parents fill out our release and waiver of liability by clicking here before participating in our athletic training.


About EPIC

Unfortunately, we let the judgements of others and the fear of failure stop us from taking the journey on.

We end up in an uphill battle going upstream as we fight our inner talents from coming out.



"I used to be the slowest person in the group, now sometimes I’m fastest. I couldn’t do one push up when I first started, yet on the last fitness test I did 25 push ups OFF my knees."

- Sheri Zampelli

"Working out with my daughter and spending time together is a bonus and I appreciate everything about EPIC Inc."

- Angela Castellanos

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