1 on 1 training with Jaiya Figueras

Hello my name is Jaiya Figueras.

I have dedicated my life to helping kids receive the knowledge and coaching to rise to the highest of their sporting careers. 

I played football for the first time in 10th grade. Played horrible. Guys ran me over, I dropped balls, and had touchdowns thrown on me. My teammates used to tell me to go back to basketball.

I played so bad, my Varsity basketball coach even pulled me into his office and told me to quit. He said I was just going to be another guy out there.

I had no trainers, zero parent involvement, and teachers and administration that did everything possible to make sure I didn’t pass. 

2 years later I had offers from UCLA, Oregon, Washington State, and other schools to play football.

When I committed to Oregon, I had high high school teammates that said I didn’t deserve it I wouldn’t play. 2 years later I was the Special Teams Player of the Year on the Rose Bowl team. 3 years later I started as a sophomore on the top 10 defense in America.

Let me show you how I did it.

All 1 on 1 athletes will get: 

  1. Film review. We will break down the positives and negatives about your play. Eliminate any tendencies that open you up to being exploited by the opposition. 
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    I started with Elijah Hicks and Sire Woods when they were 12 and 13 years old. Now Elijah starts at Cal Berkeley as a true freshman and Sire is redshirting at Penn University.

  2. Field work: We will observe how you move in and out of breaks. How well you can recognize where you are on the field.

  3. Strength work: This will not be redundant work already being done in the high school weight room. We will be executing movements that translate directly to the field with our tried and proven strength program.

  4. Agility training: This will not be what looks good on social media. We will use our outside the box chaotic footwork™ agility training system to give you next level results.

  5. Acceleration training: We will eliminate any energy leaks that is keeping you from reaching your maximum speed through a series of tests and exercises. You will step away knowing what you need to work on and fix. 

  6. NCAA Eligibility Assistance. We will make sure you are in the know so you can be eligible to receive a scholarship coming out of high school. 
  7. Workout and drills will be filmed for self analysis at home. 10473455 604658782981447 3795000919170032664 n 300x300 1 on 1  training with Jaiya Figueras
  8. Nutritional guidance for weight loss or weight gain. 
  9. Parent and Athlete education. This meeting will help the athlete and the parent be on the same page in the process of playing at a high level and being seen.
  10. Everything you see in our videos and much much more.

Please call/ or email info@epicstrong.com text 562-483-3895 for info on other programs or to set up a consultation.

I have never been in the position I am in right now to help connect with young athletes with knowledge and support. 

All athletes and all positions welcome. Multiple coaches available.

If you can do this, take advantage. Time is short and opportunity waits for no one.

Thank you!

Jaiya Figueras