2017 EPIC Strong Offseason Football Camp

We began this program to give parents and athletes two basic things: 14976172 10210016968756168 848536939 o 223x300 2017 EPIC Strong Offseason Football Camp

  1. What we didn’t having growing up that would have helped me more.
  2. Tools we received growing up that can help you.

There is an incredible amount of distraction in the youth and high school football world.

Some old school rules have still proven the test of time and others are highly out of date.

The game has changed since the last time I graduated from Glendale High School in 1993. 

Here are some frequently asked questions below:

1. What is your schedule? 

Monday – Thursday: 6 to 7:00pm at EPIC Strong

Saturday: Chittick Field 9 to 10:30am

Sunday: Off

*Chittick 1900 Walnut Ave, Long Beach, CA 90806

*EPIC Strong Located at 1157 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, CA. 90813


2. Why don’t you guys lift that much? I barely see you guys pushing any weight. 

Answer: In the 1980s, the game was more condensed and size was valued a lot more than being able to play in space like today’s game.

Lifting weights can come in an infinite amount of forms. Not just a bar that moves in a vertical plane. We choose to train differently. We use bands, battle ropes and medicine balls to get strong in every direction not just the vertical plane. 15053354 10210016970316207 169713820 o 300x300 2017 EPIC Strong Offseason Football Camp

We are not here to please the on looking parents of how lifting is “supposed” to be done either. Our training is on the cutting edge and a lot of our methods are not found in magazines and the local 24-hour Fitness gym.

Sire Woods has trained with us since the 8th grade. He now has over 20 Division One scholarships such as Colorado, Oregon State, and UNLV. He is one of the top 5 tight ends in the state of California and is ranked in the nation as a whole. Watch his story below.

Training has evolved from just focusing on the bench, deadlift, and squat. Football players have to be athletes that can play in space now. They aren’t just moving linearly. The game is wide open and we must adjust our training accordingly.

Also, generally speaking, our Varsity athletes are already doing the traditional weight lifts at school (bench, squat, deadlift, clean).

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It would be redundant to have them do the same lifts they just did a few hours before at their high schools. 

We normally do traditional lifts with the incoming freshman more than we do with the Varsity.

We do more unconventional movements with them so we can complement their program that they have in school.

We choose to work with the high school coaching program and supplement their programs

Elijah Hicks has trained with us since the 8th grade. He now has over 33 Division 1 scholarship offers and just committed to Notre Dame. Watch his story below.

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Two sport 8th grade athlete Jamil Hines will be completing his 3rd off season with us.


3. What does your program look like?

Phase One: The Post Season- November 20th to Jan 11th

Unload the body to help repair from the season that just finished.

Introduce new movements at a light enough weight to keep from further breaking down the body such as:

  1. PVC pipe Olympic lifting.
  2. Olympic lifts with 60% of max weight.
  3. Sprint mechanics
  4. Barefoot low impact training
  5. Deceleration training
  6. Cone fundamentals
  7. 40 yard dash mechanics
  8. Position Sprints

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Sire Woods of La Mirada High School will be completing his 4th year of the EPIC Off Season Football Program. He has put on more than 80 pounds of muscle during that time and has a 4.0 GPA.

We will also introduce the recruiting game to our athletes. L.A. is filled with so much clutter. Everyone is an expert out here and they’re all saying different things. We will: 

  1. Fly in our nationally recognized expert Damon Griffin to speak to athletes and their parents.
  2. Introduce the NCAA clearing house to them
  3. Explain the do’s and don’ts of recruiting.

Phase Two: The Off Season- January 11th to May 3rd

By this time, all of the great players from the great teams are in full go with their training. We expect our athletes that have been with us for 4 to 6 weeks to make their first initial jump in their performances.

It normally takes 28 to 42 days to make improvements in performance.



This phase will comprise of: 

  1. Preparing for Nike Combine and other showcase camps by working on tests such as the 40-yard dash, shuttle run, vertical jump, and MB toss.
  2. Make sure our athletes can perform any cone drill with precision and grace. Looking great in drills is a must when you are being evaluated. 
  3. Continue 7-on-7 practice for major showcase tournaments.
  4. Hypertrophy phase. This means an emphasis on building muscle. Most athletes have recovered from the post season by now.
  5. We will attend the bulk of our major 7 on 7 tournaments during this time.
  6. Athletes will receive college scholarship offers during this time as well.

Phase Three: The Pre-Season May 3rd to July 26th 

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left to right: Jaiya Figueras with Curtis Weaver and Logan Gamble of St. Anthony in Long Beach, Ca. Damon Griffin of Integrity Sports teamed up with us to help these guys get over 20 D 1 offers between the both of them.

This is a preparation phase for us. Any new movements and training concepts introduced 6 months earlier should be second nature. We expect athletes to get in as many repetitions as possible when they are away from us.

June is also a time when athletes will attend college camps where they will be directly evaluated by coaches.

  1. High school athletes will start to ramp their time back up with their respective teams. 
  2. By the end of this phase any major physical gains made for 2016 will have taken place. If you are just starting to train during this time, it’s too late. The season is near and you’re about to burn some major calories and expend a major amount of energy.
  3. We call this a de-load phase in the strength and conditioning world. We want to return all of our athletes back to their respective teams fast, light, and injury free. We will not load weight that is near our max. Instead we focus on weight that is 60-80% of our max. Technical movements that aren’t going to break the body down.
  4. We will also attend college campuses during this time and introduce players to college coaches.

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Please call or text 562-483-3895 for more info or to get signed up.

Thank you!