6 week EPIC Strong Jump Start

We are currently looking for 8 new members to jump into our 6 week program for adults.

The times we have available for training are:

  • Monday-Wednesday 6pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 5pm
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6am
  • Monday-Thursday 9:15 am   
  • Open Gym 6am to 8pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 9am to 2pm.

We would love to offer our 6 week semi-private program for FREE just like everyone else but we’re not going to.

There’s an app for that.  6 week EPIC Strong Jump Start

We could offer you an opportunity to jump into a fitness challenge but we’re not doing that either.

There’s an app for that too.

We are so inundated with fitness in social media each day that is has become a commodity that’s not respected.

Everyone is an expert these days.

You can become a rep of a supplement or fitness apparel company if you have alot of followers on Instagram.

If you join a fitness program for a couple months, you have the right to lead tons of people with your online coaching.

This is the current world of fitness.

We are a little different at EPIC Strong.

We are more old school here.

We believe you have to show up and clock in the time to get results you think you deserve. 

That goes for everyone that walks through our doors; not just the athletes. 

We shouldn’t have to be hard and straight forward with our athletes while dumbing down the truth for the adults because we don’t want to hurt their feelings and possibly lose their business.

The bottom line is it takes hard work, focus, and you need to establish your “why”. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Big goals require a big why and small goals require a small why. Small whys do not lead to big goals.

We are not looking to train you for 6 months, 1 year or a couple years. 

We are looking to train you for 6 weeks to give you a jumpstart.

Text “Jump Start” to 562-483-3895 and we will follow up with you. You can also email info@epicstrong.com. Make sure to put “Jump Start” in the subject line.

We are not interested in trying to keep you as a life long client. We want to give you the tools so you can have life long results no matter where you decide to live.

There are too many gyms and programs these days that are designed for you to stay in their programs for months and years at a time. 169584 294617990652196 28888618 o 300x300 6 week EPIC Strong Jump Start

We are not one of them.

Get in. Learn concepts and add to your tool box. Then go off and explore on your own. Make adjustments. Get results. Then come back again in the future to add more tools to your tool box.

You will get:

  1. Nutrition knowledge
    1. Know what, how much and when to eat. Learn the basics of fat loss. No fluff or myths. We will not sell you a life saving supplement.
  2. Training knowledge on the cutting edge.
    1. This will not be a cookie cutter “I saw this on Instagram” workout. Many of the concepts and exercises we use are unique to our program. You will be challenged to do movements you haven’t done before and you might be uncomfortable. This is called change.
  3. Online support
    1. We will have a closed Facebook group connected to you and the few people that decide to embark on this journey with you as well as the coaches committed to getting you results.
  4. No fluff 
    1. We will not ask you to buy a product that will burn belly fat or do an exercise that reduces fat in a certain area of your body (myth). Our coaches are taking a “no BS oath” before this program to tell you the truth no matter how much it may sting you or if you might quit our program for fact telling.
  5. Our tools:
    1. Barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, medicine balls, all weather track, the hills, the ground, the walls, ropes, boxing gloves and bags and whatever else we decide to make you pick up to add load to your body.
  6. Our promise
    1. We promise that we will help you find your “why” and commit to reaching it throughout the 6 weeks you are with us. We will put you on the road to start your journey. This is a life journey. It doesn’t just stop when you reach your goals. Ceilings become flops when we get to the top so we can climb to the next.
  7. Who is this for?
    1. People that are realistic and know that true fitness is not boxed into a time table. It’s a journey that lasts for the rest of your life. Our concepts that we give you will last you for the next 5-10 years and beyond. Some may last a life time as they have made the same impact on us.
    2. People that barely have time to work out. Yes this is for people that barely have time to work out because they are usually the ones that are doing things in life and trying to make everybody’s else lives better. We’re just looking to change the paradigm. We want to help you put yourself on your own schedule.


 Text “Jump Start” to 562-483-3895 and we will follow up with you. You can also email info@epicstrong.com. Make sure to put “Jump Start” in the subject line.