EPIC Strong Flash Fit Open House

On  May 22nd from 5:45pm to 8:45pm, EPIC Strong will be kicking off the Flash Fit Open House.

The address is 1157 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, CA.

This will be an opportunity for people to come and see what we’ve accomplished in the past 2.5 years at our location in Long Beach, CA. IMG 9421 300x225 EPIC Strong Flash Fit Open House

This will also be an opportunity for you to have our unique Flash Fit experience. We can guarantee you that no one is doing this in the gym world right now.

All of our workouts will be completely FREE this day.

Here are the workout times:

  1. 5:45-6:45 PM: Kids Dance
  2. 600-7:00 PM: Athletic Conditioning (ages 12 and up) General population is invited
  3. 6:25-7:05 PM: Zoom Kids (ages 11 and under) 
  4. 6:30-7:15 PM: Express Fitness (Adult fitness)
  5. 6:50-7:40 PM: Beast Work (HS and Adult Fitness)
  6. 7:05-7:45 PM: Zoom Kids (ages 11 and under)
  7. 7:45-8:45 PM: Latin Dance

You don’t want to miss this.
IMG 0420 300x225 EPIC Strong Flash Fit Open House

Most billion dollar big box gyms you invest in do nothing for the community. They just take from the community and do nothing for it. You’re most likely helping the owners pay for a fancy car or a house up in the hills. 

The bottom line is we aren’t for everyone.

We have no mirrors or people walking around looking for the girl with the most make up and the least amount of clothes.

Our gym is gritty, dusty, and basic.

We don’t have a steam room or towel service like some other upper class spots in Long Beach. Our fitness classes serve all people in Long Beach. Not just the ones driving around in Porcshes and Range Rovers.

To be honest, most people drive by our gym and turn up their noses. We are not for them. IMG 8500 300x300 EPIC Strong Flash Fit Open House

We are a blue collar gym. We built this with our own hands. We had no construction company come in, design, and assemble everything for us. We were built by this community.

We pulled this gym together on a shoe string and a dream. And we continue to move forward despite all the adversity we face.

We literally clean these streets with our own hands. We live in this neighborhood and we are here for all people.

If you are a seasoned and experienced weightlifter, it doesn’t matter. There’s over 3 decades of knowledge going into this system and many of the things we do aren’t even written down in books yet.

Everything can’t be learned through Instagram and articles.

Sometimes you need to show up and experience something knew in order to move on to the next level in your training.

If you’re beyond learning something new, than this isn’t the right place for you. IMG 1793 300x215 EPIC Strong Flash Fit Open House

If any of this resonates with you, then show up on May 22nd!


DM, Text/Call 562-483-3895 to lock in your spot. Please say your name, age, and what FREE class you want to be in.

We have a 16 person cap per class so space is limited.

Also, we are still looking for more coaches for our team. Passion is valued more than your certifications. Please DM us if you’d like to take part in the event. Thank you!