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Hello Oregon!

My name is Jaiya Figueras and I am the founder of EPIC Strong in Long Beach, Ca.

I will be coming down from our facility in Long Beach, CA to team up with Viko Felipe at Forever Strong, Oregon’s #1 strength and performance gym on July 22nd and 23rd from 7am to 10pm to give you guys the EPIC Strong Training Experience. You will have an option of going for 1 or 2 days. 

Items you will need:

  • Cleats. We will be doing a grass workout as well as a gym workout.
  • Pads: Shoulder pads if you have them, thigh, hip, and knee pads. (no helmet required).
  • Water, gatorade, and a snack for halftime. We are doing 3 hours of work. You will need to refuel.
  • T shirt, shorts, and sneakers to workout in the gym.

Top 3 Intangibles you will need:

  1. A positive and patient attitude. Many of these movements will be new an outside the box. Do not expect to get it on your first try.
  2. A motor. That means give every rep your entire effort and finish past the finish line. Have the body language that your ready to go again.
  3. An open mind. There are countless ways and concepts to move in space and play the  game of football. 

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We will be providing you with the same concepts and tools we use with the top athletes in the country down here in Long Beach, CA. 

We will cover: 

  1. Open Space movement: We will observe how you move in and out of breaks. IMG 3377 300x300 Jaiya Figueras Oregon Football Camp

  2. Strength work: This will not be redundant work already being done in the high school weight room. We will be executing movements that translate directly to the field with our tried and proven strength program.

  3. Agility training: This will not be what looks good on social media. We will use our outside the box “Chaotic Footwork” agility system to give you next level results.

  4. Acceleration training: We will eliminate any energy leaks that are keeping you from reaching your maximum speed through a series of tests and exercises. You will step away knowing what you need to work on and fix. 

  5. Everything you see in our videos and much much more.


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We will also be covering training concepts such as:

1. Perspective
2. Head and Body Disassociation
3. The 7 Basic Cuts
4. Image Training vs. Performance Training
5. Cats and Bears
6. Training Wheels Training
7. Unpredictable Training
8. Metabolic Conditioning
9. Programming for Energy Systems
10. Battle Ropes as Force Production Tool

Below is a video of a dad’s perspective of our program and the impact its had on his Penn University bound son Sire Woods. He had a total of 22 offers.

I started training Elijah Hicks at 13 years old, now you will see him starting at corner back for the Cal Bears as a true freshman. He had a total of 37  offers including Notre Dame and USC.

Do not miss this. I come down only a few times a year. 

Please call/ or email info@epicstrong.com text me direct at 562-483-3895 for more questions.

I have never been in the position I am in right now to help connect with young athletes with knowledge and support. 

Take advantage of this. Time is short and opportunity waits for no one.

P.S. We know there are kids that cannot afford experiences like this. Please contact me for support. 

Also…contact me if you have a group to sign up for a team discount. Have a great day!


large signupnow 300x100 Jaiya Figueras Oregon Football Camp

jaiyafigueras Jaiya Figueras Oregon Football Camp


Jaiya Figueras