Movement Philosophy

The evolution of the EPIC Strong Movement principle started with the philosophy of Movement Training.

It is a simple way for coaches to design entire workout programs. IMG 7998 Movement Philosophy

It focuses on the 5 human movements that consist of: up and down, pushing, pulling, twisting, and locomotion. The manner that we execute those movements reflects nature and the Earth cyclical and physical patterns.

Everyday is not hot and everyday is not cold. Therefore our workout intensity constantly changes. The world is not totally flat and it’s not all mountainous,therefore we change our weight ranges from heavy to light.

The Earth’s tides move up and down, its roots pull at the soil, the tectonic plates push against each other, it twists as it travels in locomotion around the Sun.

There is nothing we haven’t done that the Earth has not done trillions of times for billions of years. We are not reinventing the wheel with the Movement Training principle. We are simply getting in touch with what is already around us and beneath our feet.

If our program does not reflect nature, the body has a high likelihood that it will deflect it with injury, burn out or just simply fail to yield results.

We are prepared to run and move multi-directionally.

The human being is the premier running animal on the planet. We have the ability to hunt for our own food, run hundreds of miles at a time in any weather, and outsmart all of the animals in the wild kingdom.  It is up to us to expose and pull this potential out of the people that we train.

The five human movements are a necessity for our existence and we naturally do them in our everyday life.

The movement training principle allows us to modify workouts for injured clients in an instant. For example: An injured leg removes up and down and locomotion but still leaves three others to be done. (Pushing, Pulling, and Twisting).

A workout should be like water constantly moving and taking shape of the environment that is presented to it.

There are 5 Human movements: 

1. Push
2. Pull
3. Twist
4. Up and Down
5. Locomotion

An EPIC Strong Workout

An EPIC Strong workout seems chaotic to an observer outside of the workout. It can seem even more chaotic if you are within it. However, there is an order to all of it if you choose to focus on it.

The best advice we can give is to be coachable, avoid saying the words “I can’t, I don’t wan’t to, NO,” and other phrases that only make your journey more challenging then it has to.

There is modifications for each exercise to challenge people of all levels.