The Complete Athlete 2018

The Complete Athlete 6 week program is designed for athletes aged 7-17 years old.

We focus on 3 main phases:

  1. Acceleration
  2. Agility
  3. Strength

Depending on the level of the athlete, we will modify accordingly. This class is designed to help kids that are new to sports and veterans as well. In the past we have had athletes thathave played:

  1. soccer
  2. football
  3. basketball
  4. boxing
  5. rugby
  6. track
  7. baseball
  8. softball

This program is great for all athletes that move in space. The schedule is:

Monday, Wednesday: 5pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 6 pm

We do a variety of disciplines:

  1. boxing
  2. sprint mechanics
  3. multi-directional movement
  4. weight training (depending on the age)
  5. plyometrics
  6. Olympic lifting (depending on the age)
  7. kettlebell training
  8. medicine ball work
  9. Core strengthening
  10. All movement for sports that are bases in open space

Please call or text 562-483-3895 for pricing and more information.